It is not just a building – it is much more. Winston Churchill once said: “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” For Hufft Projects, architecture is more of a way of life than simply a service offered. It is architecture that shapes our daily lives – both personally and professionally. Thus, we approach each architectural project with a focus on our clients, their needs, and the site for which we will be building. Every solution is custom tailored to create space that is not only personalized and functional, but also beautiful. This type of thinking makes what we do a way of life, for us and for our clients. It must absorb us and it does. It must not only create a building, but improve lives, and it does. It is our true passion.

interior design

The silver lining on every project. One of the beauties behind modern design is its ability to connect you with the outdoors. This is accomplished by several different design moves – most have to do with view or daylight. This connection invariably brings the outside in, and the inside out. With that, comes the need to coordinate the interiors with the architecture and vice versa. For us, they are one and the same. We jump at the chance to help coordinate and specify furniture, furnishings, and equipment (FF&E). A chaise can influence a room as much as a room can influence a chaise. Collaboration is of the utmost importance when we are involved with interiors, because to be successful we have to make it as personal as our clients will allow. A beautiful ending to a project is placing the finishing touch on an interior piece, nothing better.

object design

Not only do we envision the spaces that our clients will inhabit, we design and build many of the objects that they will use every day.

We believe in craft, and so whether we’re constructing the casework for an entire kitchen or a piece of hardware for a single door, we treat each object we produce with the same level of care and detail.

As designers, we strive for a level of performance greater than what has come before. We approach each object as a work of art, albeit one that is fully functional. We test the way a surface feels to the touch, the way a finish reflects light. Because we are making the objects our clients interact with the most, no detail is too small to consider.

We take great satisfaction in delivering work that, in addition to meeting our clients’ needs, also makes them proud.

custom fabrication

It is not a shop – it is a studio.

Like any successful studio, we bring a passion for exploration and improvement native to the creative process. We are constantly refining our methods, designing better products, and learning to streamline our models of production.

Our studio combines time tested methods of craftsmanship with contemporary technology to achieve an unsurpassed level of perfection. The connection of old and new, the convergence of art and science–these are passions that both the designers and the fabricators at Hufft Projects share.

Because we build the things we design, we have complete control over the finished product. Precision, refinement, adaptability, attention to detail–these are the advantages of custom fabrication.

environmental rating

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to build as sustainably as a budget, timeline and site allows. The level always varies, and we never force it.
To build this way today, we must always be skeptical of what a manufacturer deems “green”. What has been considered a standard means of construction over the last 50 years, is simply not good enough anymore. Furthermore, it is very important to look at a project as a whole and evaluate its total embodied energy.
We look at each project with a client from the start and establish common goals. One of the goals may be going through a rating process to ensure and quantify the buildings level of sustainability. Every architect in our design studio is a LEED AP (accredited professional), and we have completed several LEED, Energy Star and Indoor AirPlus ratings. If that is the route you choose, we can help ensure the certification.


How can one best represent something that can only truly be understood when it is completed and has endured over time? We meet this challenge by helping our clients understand and visualize their projects at all levels of development. This ranges from early massing models, in both physical and digital form, to final photo-realistic renderings developed from sophisticated software. No aspect of a design problem is beyond our reach. If it’s something that needs to be seen to be better understood by a client, architect, or consultant, we can deliver in photo realistic quality.

graphic design

Inherently, architecture creates a certain quality of experience. Environmental Graphic Design strives to compliment and enhance the experience of the built environment by utilizing visual aspects of wayfinding to guide you through the space, communicating the identity of the owner and/or brand, information design and shaping a sense of place. Our designers can provide our clients with the tools to develop both the architecture and graphics in unison. Thus, a more distinct and cohesive mood is achieved and creates a lasting impression.