Michael Crosby

Michael Crosby (call him Crosby) is a Wood Craftsman and elder statesman in our Fabrication Studio. He has a diverse background that spans both architecture and woodworking. Crosby earned a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Arkansas. He then completed a three year apprenticeship where he learned to make solid wood furniture and cabinetry using traditional and modern methods. After practicing architecture professionally for 15 years he returned to the wood shop.

Crosby is interested in the realization of ideas through making, and abides by Giambattista Vico’s maxim Verum Ipsum Factum, “Truth is in making.” He currently lives with his wife, four cats and two dogs, in KCK, where he’s lazily restoring a house to its 1929 splendor. He hates talking about himself, so ask him about what he loves: road cycling and music, from classical to jazz, avant-garde to punk.