Boudoir Boudoir _ 2012

His and Hers

Springfield, MO _ 700 sqft
Interior Design, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Mike Sinclair

Boudoir Boudoir is the first phase in the renovation of a traditional Tudor-style home. Beyond the desire to update the master closet and bathroom, our goal was to convince the clients that modern design could be thoughtful and livable, not strictly minimal. From the start, the clients desired the feeling of a high-end boutique store. Our design focused equally on display and organization. We opened up the once-divided floor plan opened to serve three functions—His Boudoir, Her Boudoir and a shared bathroom.

Both closets feature rift-sawn white oak casework. His side is distinguished by a cool gray stain, while her side is lightened by a warm white finish. An Ipê ceiling plane unifies the three spaces. A freestanding tub becomes a sculptural element in the space. A wall of three dimensional ceramic tile gives the space texture and depth. The bath feels like a gallery—large, bright and open.

The space is windowless besides a small clerestory, and so the project uses minimal natural light to the maximum advantage. We complemented the daylight with ambient illumination, cove lights shine on the Ipê ceiling and porcelain floor tile. A custom tie rack and layoff desk in his boudoir and a back-lit three-way mirror in her boudoir give the two wardrobes a personal touch. In the end, the space goes far beyond the program of two closets and a master bath. Boudoir Boudoir is a beautiful, unified dressing room that our clients can retreat to, experiencing firsthand the connection of good design to daily living.