Health House _ 2013, 2016

Rowing The Distance

Kansas City, MO _ 2,325 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Build, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Mike Sinclair, Jake Farmer

Health House is a dedicated rowing studio offering classes that combine exercise, education and nutrition in equal measure. Hufft designed both of their studio spaces to reflect the mission and passion of one of Kansas City’s most thriving fitness brands.

Hufft approached these tenant finish projects with simplicity in mind. As a foundational framework, both the Kansas City and Leawood locations have open plans with durable flooring to accommodate the intense workout programs. The fitness centers have minimal equipment, no mirrors, and a kick-ass sound system. The repetition of the beautifully-designed rowing machines and Bulgarian weight bags become an iterative design element and the studio spaces are wrapped in a serene panoramic super graphic. With controlled daylight and adjustable interior lighting, these spaces are perfectly suited for students to crush the workouts at Health House.


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