Objet d'art _ 2013

Objet d’art

Kansas City, MO _ 2,160 sqft

Photo Credit _ Mike Sinclair

Objet d’art combines two units on the 15th floor of a Plaza high rise. The owner is an avid collector of objets d’art, small antiquities, carvings and works of sculpture that occupy every nook and cranny of her home. We envisioned the condo as a white box to place these objects within. Our Wood Studio fabricated custom white oak veneer casework to display the one-of-a-kind works. White oak flooring and track lighting enhance the gallery-like quality of the space. The kitchen features concealed LED lighting, sculptural pendant lights and equally intricate casework. A south-facing balcony offers stunning views to Kansas City’s Brookside neighborhood. Our Build Studio oversaw the construction of this tight-knit, seamlessly detailed project.