It is not just a shop – it is a series of studios focusing on a materiality or technique. In each studio, we integrate a passion for traditional craft and an exploration of technological innovation to the creative process. The connection of old and new, the convergence of art and science: these are the passions that result in authentic and beautifully built work.

Digital Studio:  Capable of cutting through wood, acrylic, cork, and various metals to accuracies of 1/1000 of an inch, our 5,000 pound CNC router creates digitally-made masterpieces. From cabinetry to accessories, our digital fabrication group can do it all, and do it with precision.

Wood Studio:  This group of craftsmen collectively has over 80 years of experience under their tool belts. They boast a mastery of technical abilities resulting a stunning aesthetic. Traditional craft and modern innovation are alive and well here.

Metal Studio:  Our metal fabricators are fired up. This studio encompasses cutting, forming, welding, and finishing metals such as mild steel, aluminum, and stainless. They have even dabbled in forged bronze from time to time.

Finish Studio: Our finish crew works with precision and care as they coat and seal objects inside of our auto-sized Spraytech paint booth. Capable of providing the strongest finish possible, the booth can heat up to 200◦ and can seal a surface in less than one minute. This is the magic in our finishing touch.