Inside the Studio

Announcing promotions to our leadership team

We are excited to share recent promotions within our team! Mark Lieb and Scott Miller have both been named Senior Associates, and Baley Robinson, Matt Griswold, Scott Beattie and Annie Robinson have been promoted to Associate.

Mark is our senior quality assurance and quality control lead, and integral to maintain an exceptional level of quality in our work. His experience is vast and comprehensive; it would be quicker to name the kinds of projects Mark hasn’t worked on than those he has. He is our resident expert in working out difficult details, and a coach for many when managing relationships with clients and contractors.

Scott is an experienced senior architect and always has the bigger picture in mind. A key leader for both commercial and residential projects, Scott works tirelessly to ensure the special details baked into a project through concept and design are manifested during construction. Scott’s easy-going nature, technical background and practical approach makes him a favorite among contractors, and he is just as comfortable on the job site as he is in the office.

Baley is our Controller and keeps operations running smoothly. A former tax consultant for Deloitte Tax, Baley’s analytical expertise and attention to detail is an asset to both our Design and Fabrication studios. She helps our schedules stay on track, and projects on budget. When we think of what we miss about the team being in the office together, see Baley ride up to work on her motorcycle is on that list.

Matt is a project architect and well-versed in all tasks related to design, from the creative, to the more mundane. Whether sketching, model building or rendering, he is always discovering and sharing new techniques for representing a space. He also happens to be our in-office software expert and is a valuable resource for the entire Design team. There’s a reason you can often find him on our most complex projects – Matt has a way of making the complicated look easy.

Scott is our fabrication director and the unofficial office captain of good vibes. His unwavering positive attitude, tireless work ethic and high level of skill make him someone you can’t help but love to work with. In the shop, Scott guides the team as they merge traditional craftsmen method with digital fabrication techniques. The results that are delivered under Scott’s leadership are objects of beauty, function and distinction.

Annie is our resident switch hitter – she is equally-skilled in interior design and architecture. She excels in concept development, space planning, programming and developing interior schemes that reflect an architectural concept. She has a love for old buildings, making her the perfect project lead for an in-progress historic renovation that also happens to be one of our biggest projects to date.

We are so grateful for Mark, Scot M., Baley, Matt, Scott B. and Annie’s leadership in the years they’ve been at Hufft, and especially over the past 7 months as our team has been Working Together, Apart. While Zoom happy hours will have to do for now, we cannot wait to celebrate in person and raise a glass to their hard work.