Kim Warren, Principal

Kim is an Interior Designer at Hufft, leading the design from a detail oriented perspective with over 12 years of experience. Anything that can be touched, seen, felt from the inside of the building—Kim helps create, select, and manage during the design and construction process. Her interests lie in creating space that is unique, effective, and efficient for the client and their needs. She believes design can reach beyond functional to something custom and personal that causes the client to pause and smile each day. Kim stays motivated by coworkers, the client, the people who will use the space, or the person constructing the design – those relationships keep her motivated to generate good, creative, well-thought out work.

Kim enjoys watching the Royals, discovering new music, and drinking good (well, really any) wine with friends. She more introvertly enjoys reading, yard work, and spending time outside. She’s also strangely addicted to Health House workouts and searching for the coolest new Nike shoes.