Cabinetry is much more than just boxes for storage inside kitchens, bathroom vanities, and closets. At Hufft we believe it is where the real personality of a space comes alive. By designing and fabricating custom cabinets, we help control the tactile experience of existing in your space. From the hardware, to the custom veneer, to the durable finish – we handle it all. Furthermore, we often times find that designing what’s inside cabinets is just as important, as what is outside. This goes from hardwood drawer boxes to custom organization inserts for everything from clothes to spices. Our capabilities are completely comprehensive. We can work with almost any style and material you choose. We never repeat ourselves, and always strive to create cabinetry that not only reflects our clients aspirations, but also transcends their expectations about their quality and durability.

Artery Residence



Studio Lofts – Wolferman Suite

Expedition Partners

Carthage Stoneworks – Showroom and Display Kitchen