Ex3 _ Concept

An Inhabitable Timeline

Kansas City, MO

The Exposition Exhibition Expedition (Ex3) Pavilion is conceived as an inhabitable timeline, unwrapped and draped over the Nelson-Atkins site, each point representing a single World’s fair, celebrated as an individual self-contained element. However, when experienced as a whole these singular objects blend into one comprehensive experience, conveying the idea that each World’s Fair is not an autonomous event, but a progression of ideas from one to the next. This timeline celebrates the rich history of ideas, individual creativity and craft prevalent at each and every World’s fair. The 62 unique objects are all handmade using the most current technology, materials and building methods available, while still maintaining the handmade, high craft quality so vital to World’s Fair decorative arts.

The form for the concrete base shown is a starting point for an exercise in melding the latest technology and craft; function and artistic expression. As the team of artists, architects, and craftsmen work together to create these objects; as with any handmade object, refinements and anomalies are anticipated and will be celebrated. These lamps help to extend the presence of the pavilion in the Sculpture Park and along Emanuel Cleaver Boulevard after daylight hours. The combination of LEDs, photo voltaic, and batteries provide a light source with low environmental impact. Clear acrylic plaques will be customized for each of the 62 World’s Fairs and will act to educate and inform visitors as they explore the pavilion.

The fixtures begin at the base of the pavilion and spiral outward from a 1350 square foot open-ended, sand filled area where future creators can actively participate in the space’s ever-changing design characteristics. After the exhibition is over and Ex3 has been disassembled, the stand-alone fixtures can be re-used in a number of applications where power and lighting is not typically available. With their ability to be secured to the ground as a permanent fixture or placed as temporary lighting, the Ex3 lamp offers a wide variety of uses and practical applications.