Expedition Capital _ 2010

In The Right Direction

Kansas City, MO _ 2,000 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Mike Sinclair

This private office is situated on the 4th floor in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City. The triangular footprint, along with the existing location of the central elevator and stairs, present specific challenges in locating rectilinear shaped offices and support spaces. However, this seemingly awkward orientation also opens the space, allowing for grand views from two sides of the building.

In contrast to the sharp edges of the triangular spaces, the new office walls flow as one continuous ribbon. They gently direct people from the arrival point of the elevator into the open office area and to the spectacular view beyond. Since the office tenant is an avid art collector the white walls, with their subtly curved corners, also provide a neutral backdrop on which the art can be celebrated.