Revived Tudor _ 2016

Something Old with a Lot of New

Mission Hills, KS _ 7,600 sqft
Architecture, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Michael Robinson; Hufft

Revived Tudor is a study in how to blend the iconic Tudor’s home proud history with a simple, modern aesthetic and active lifestyle. Decades of renovations were stripped away to reveal the history of the home. Simple interventions and thoughtfully-considered detailing complement the original craftsmanship, still present in nearly every space.

A single, small addition – a space for a private office – was added with care to differentiate new construction from the old, while still respecting the Tudor’s unique characteristics. Conceived as a “treehouse,” this addition creates a unique escape that connects to the beauty of the century-old trees inhabiting the storied neighborhood.

Original trim, decorative woodwork and molding with painstakingly restored, and paired with minimal, modern detailing. An original exterior stone wall that had been covered during a previous renovation was once again brought to life, exposed as a primary design element in the main living area and acting as a compelling backdrop to a new modern staircase. Large doors seamlessly link indoor and outdoor living spaces as if each space was an extension of the other. A home that was once inward-facing now opens to the outdoors, and spaces that were once dark are now bathed in sunlight.

Interiors designed in collaboration with George Terbovich introduce splashes of color at varying levels, from decorative pillows and furniture, to bold and colorful guest bathrooms. Mid-century, clean-lined furniture pieces and original works of modern art further emphasize the contemporary interiors found inside the home’s traditionally-designed shell.