Architecture is not just a service, but a true passion. For Hufft, architecture shapes our daily lives – both personally and professionally. We dive in to every project head first. Our aim is for every design solution to create spaces that are not only personalized and functional, but also exceptional. This type of thinking makes what we do a way of life, for us, and for our clients. The process must absorb us, and it does.

Interior Design

Interior Design enhances the built environment. There are multiple layers to interior design services and all layers are equally important. Our designers take time to ask the right questions. They examine all elements of a project from a deep understanding of a project’s program to the origins of materials for furniture selection. Hufft Interior designers and fabricators often collaborate on feature installations and custom furniture pieces as a natural extension of our commitment to practice integration.

Object Design

We believe in craft. Whether we are constructing display tables for a retail environment or a piece of hardware for a single door, we treat each object we produce with the same level of care and detail. We approach each object as an experience, testing the way a surface feels to the touch, the way a finish reflects light. Because we are making the objects our clients interact with the most, no detail is too small to consider. We take great satisfaction in delivering work that, not only meets our clients’ needs, but also elicits joy.