digital studio

At Hufft Projects, we marry traditional, hand-crafted work with progressive and equally sophisticated digital technologies. We combine these skillsets to create projects that speak to a future language of craft. A 5,000 pound American born CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) router, lovingly nicknamed ‘Tiny’, has taken up residence at Hufft Projects. The machine is capable of cutting a variety of materials including solid wood, acrylic, and aluminum to accuracies of 1/1000 of an inch; approximately the width of a human hair. These abilities are utilized to expedite the production of cabinetry by cutting and pre-drilling componentry. The same abilities are also tasked in the creation of complex three dimensional geometries used for experimentation and decorative purposes. The Digital Studio marries craftsmen, software, technicians, engineers, architects, and artists to create individualized and expressive works.

wood studio

The Wood Studio is multi-faceted. Our craftsmen are trained in the art of frameless cabinetry and solid furniture construction. The majority of our cabinets are made with high grade veneers expressing any type of wood species or finish imaginable. The robust level of detail and precision in each cabinet is customized for each client. For our furniture, we hand select solid wood directly from the wealth of local resources that surround our facility in Kansas City. This includes White Oak and American Black Walnut that is hand oiled to express natural color and figuring.

metal studio

It is a challenge for the vast majority of metal craftsmen to produce high end architectural fabrications and/or furniture. The reasoning is simple – metal can be an intensely difficult material to work with.  It is unforgiving.  At Hufft Projects we match material challenges with years of experience in developing and perfecting a multitude of processes and techniques in cutting, forming, welding, and finishing metals such as mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.   We approach our efforts in the same manor that a jeweler crafts a bespoke piece.  The scale shift for Hufft Projects allows us to translate this exacting level of attention to projects ranging from small side tables to multi-ton architectural installations.