Terraced House _ 2019

Livin’ on the Edge

Ridgedale, MO _ 2,954 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Hufft

Terraced House is a natural retreat with million-dollar views. Perched proudly over Table Rock Lake, this family home takes full advantage of its vista, and the natural surroundings.

The goal of Terraced House was to create a home for a young family to enjoy the nature and activity of Table Rock Lake. Situated on a steep lakeside site, the home is conceptualized as multiple terraces.

Because Terraced House is a second home and would likely host a number of family and friends as guests, its owners wanted a majority of the focus to be on spaces to gather. For convenience and ease of access, the main level is where the socializing and activity happens. A large exterior patio spills off the main living area, extending the interior out into the open and blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor living – exactly what the clients hoped to achieve.

The upper and lower terraces, which feel more private in nature, are the living quarters. The master suite comprises the lower, with multiple guest rooms, a children’s room with built-in bunk beds and laundry making the upper terrace.

Exterior materials, interior finishes and furnishings were selected with the intent of feeling sturdy and lived in. You get a sense of this as soon as you approach the house and see the Corten steel that has already begun to weather.

The sturdy architecture of the home’s exterior morphs into a soft, bright interior when you enter. The interior is fully framed around maximizing views of the lake, and intentionally minimal for this same purpose. The color palette is warm and neutral. With floor-to-ceiling windows in most areas of the home, natural light fills the home, even on overcast days.

Terraced House feels at home on its inclined site. A sense of peace is instilled immediately upon arrival. The home is designed for generations of family members and friends to enjoy varied access to the site’s seemingly-unlimited views. Each space feels grounded, warm and protected, without obstructing any views of the serene lakeside surroundings.