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Craft, Technology & Design: Hufft Fabricate

by Scott Beattie

There are few places I can imagine working that foster and encapsulate a cooperative, creative vibe more than that of Hufft Fabricate. This is no ordinary workshop, nor is it an ordinary design firm. What makes Hufft special is that the shop and design office share a space, pursuing creative endeavors both independently and together.

Housed in an old grocery warehouse, the shop reverberates with music as custom casework, furniture and specialty objects are created every day. The grit of the building’s history marries well to the slick modern glass and aluminum wall separating the workshop and design office.

The idea of architects, designers and craftsmen working together under one roof is not new – Greene & Greene in California, the Bauhaus in Germany, etc. Here we are at Hufft, combining design and craft to answer our clients needs with solutions that are beautiful, practical, cost-effective and long-lasting.

I feel extremely fortunate to work alongside a group of talented architects, technology wizards, problem solvers, aesthetes and makers keeping this good working spirit alive. The work we create is special and packed with meaning. Every project has a story. If you have one you’d like to tell, we’d love to help. Reach out to us at fabricate@hufft.com.