LEED Green Associate

Branden Vissat, Senior Associate

Branden is a well-rounded architect, designer, thinker, and collaborator. Originally from a small town in Wyoming, he moved around a lot as a kid. From Kentucky to California, Branden lived in seven states growing up. Aside from moving around the states, he also spent two years in Australia with his family for a work exchange program and interned at an architecture firm in Beijing as part of his graduate program at the University of Kansas. Prior to Hufft, Branden worked at another firm in Kansas City for two years, expanding his knowledge of graphics and architecture.

Good design keeps Branden motivated. Many of his influences come not from architects, but from designers like Dieter Rams, Kenya Hara, and Nicholas Felton. He believes that it is important to discover how successful design works at such intimate scales, then apply those ideologies to the way we create and interact with space. Outside of the office, Branden is drawn to backpacking, climbing, or anything outdoors.