Grocers Warehouse _ 2014

The Mothership

Kansas City, MO _ 56,000 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Build, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Jake Farmer, Gavin Snider, Sam Small

Grocer’s Warehouse is the Kansas City home for Hufft. It was built in 1949 as a grocery warehouse. They did it all here: baked cookies and muffins, smoked meat and cured sausage, made candy and mayonnaise, and stored spices and frozen goods. Later the building held a graphics and screen printing shop. The 60,000 square foot warehouse sits at the base of Roanoke Park near the intersection of Karnes Boulevard and the historic cobblestone portion of Roanoke Road.

Hufft moved here at the end of 2013, and we’ve already begun to put the building to even more exciting uses. Our fabrication studio and design studio are together on one floor, in one room, separated only by glass walls. Our new home gives us a chance to bring our team together, to communicate and solve problems, to design, build, fabricate and furnish better than we ever have before.

A two-story portion of the building has been converted into fourteen custom studio lofts. Residents live directly across the street from historic Roanoke Park, have access to a unique amenity space in the building’s original boiler room and are centrally located to just about anything in the downtown Kansas City area.

For more information about Grocer’s Warehouse and leasing, visit the website.