Matthew Hufft, Partner

The story of Hufft begins in New York City. While pursuing his Master of Architecture at Columbia, Matthew Hufft received his first commission – a new house, in his hometown, for his parents. Working on a project 1,000 miles away, Matthew recognized the positive impact cross-discipline collaboration can bring to design. As he worked through construction with builders and craftsmen, the vision for Hufft began taking shape.  

Since founding Hufft, Matthew has guided the firm’s growth in every facet. What began as a small residential studio is now an internationally recognized design practice, amassing nearly 100 project awards nationally and internationally. Matthew decided early on to add custom fabrication to the practice, greatly enhancing the collaboration and delivery of high-touch items in each project. He has served as the lead architect and Principal for more than 500 projects and has also mentored close to 100 employees as they progress their skillsets and careers.  

Matthew’s passion for community development has included assessing strategic real estate investments that have potential to innovate the housing market and enhance their surrounding neighborhoods. The future of design is another major focus of Matthew’s current work – particularly, how advances in AI and VR are changing the industry. And in 2023, he added the role of ‘professor’ to his resume and co-taught a parametric design studio at the School of Architecture & Design at the University of Kansas.