The Shed _ 2009

A Kit Of Parts

Springfield, MO _ 640 sqft
Architecture, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Mike Sinclair

Serving as a counterpoint to the Curved House, the Shed is located on a repurposed Cul-de-sac adjacent to the residence.  The construction method is an exercise in celebrating the logic and clarity of prefabrication.  Conceived as a kit of parts, the elegant building’s steel frame combines modular wall components, roof trusses, and battens, all of which were assembled on site and clad with a rain-screen of White Oak taken from the property.  This rain-screen wraps the walls, roof, and soffit and is expressed as a singular element.  A galvanized metal fascia speaks to the structure beneath the skin. Polygal end walls with large operable doors complete the tripartite material composition.

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