Living Design

The Everyday Carry of an Architect

“Since I’m usually working on the fly, these are the items I need at all times for meetings and other various occasions.”
– Matthew Hufft



“I call it my mobile studio.”


  1. Microsoft Surface computer and stylus pen: I use this for everything from emailing to sketching. 
  2. Moment iPhone camera case and wide angled lens: This is the ultimate aid when it comes to taking site photos with my iPhone.
  3. Jack Spade leather bag filled with mixed colored pencils, pens, and markers: These are my tools of the trade.
  4. Scale: I use this to consistently review dimensions.
  5. Thank you cards with an embossed Hufft logo: It’s always important to give thanks.
  6. Hufft graph paper: This is vital for impromptu note-taking and sketching.
  7. Trace paper: This gives me a tool for reacting quickly to owner feedback.
  8. Flash drives: I use them to share files quite often.

Source: Dwell