Nickel & Suede HQ and flagship store profiled in Interior Design

It’s been a busy 2019 for Nickel & Suede. The growing leather jewelry brand moved into a new 12,500-square-foot headquarters at the beginning of the year, and just recently celebrated the grand opening of their new flagship store. Both the headquarters and store were recently featured in Interior Design’s October issue.

The office’s design is inspired by Nickel & Suede’s “bundle” retail packaging. The stairs mimic the dark, minimal ribbons that wraps boxes of earrings sold. The lobby’s leather wall is a statement feature that represents the pieces of jewelry sold. In the conference room, a custom table fabricated by our shop follows the shape of Nickel & Suede’s Gem earring.

The goal of the flagship store, which is directly connected to the new headquarters, was to design a retail experience that feels parallel to the brand. “We wanted this space to highlight the jewelry, be unique, and emphasize our imagery and values with upscaled taste,” said co-founder Kilee Nickels. “A space that is simple yet elevating – just like our earrings.” Nearly every element of the store took shape in our fabrication shop.

The Interior Design feature can be found in print and online. More photos of Nickel & Suede’s HQ and flagship store can also be found on our website.