Cabinets are much more than boxes for storage, appliances or equipment. Our approach to designing and fabricating custom casework is driven by the tactile experience. From the material, to the hardware and finish, our goal is to produce cabinetry that is both an appropriate size and aesthetic for the space. Through design, we work closely with all project partners to account for the correct equipment and appliance specifications. Our capabilities are comprehensive, and we strive to create cabinetry solutions that transcend client expectations for design, quality and durability.


Often thought of as the ‘final touch’, furniture means something much deeper to us. Our approach views furniture as essential to any space as the finishes themselves; it works with all other design elements to turn creative visions into reality. Which is why, when creating custom furniture pieces, our design process is specifically tailored to fit the needs of the space each piece will sit in. From home office suites, to restaurant tables, bathroom vanities and bed frames, furniture is another avenue for our shop to explore unique material pairings, finishes and assembly methods. Our design techniques marry form, function and comfortability, and are completely custom to the client’s vision and personality. The diverse backgrounds and collective knowledge of our fabrication team creates beautiful, purposeful and versatile pieces.

Specialty Objects

Our scale and scope for fabrication extends beyond cabinetry and furniture. We design and fabricate works that become defining features and, in some cases, art installations; they create meaning, add value and give identity to the project. For commercial spaces, our capabilities range from custom retail display systems, beer caddies for a local brewery tasting room, feature wall elements and signage systems for office environments. For residential projects, we ‘ve designed and fabricated custom handrails, stairs, screens and planters, among many other items. Our fabrication studio merges technological innovation and traditional craft through the creative use of digital software, 3D printing, CNC routing, woodworking, metalworking and fine finishing. There is no definition or limit to what these specialty objects can be.