About Hufft

The Starting Line – Feb. 15, 2005

We have been living our mission statement since day one. Hufft was founded on the belief that input from builders and fabricators was not just beneficial, but vital to the success of a project. That this collaboration added value to the design process and created both a better experience and completed result for the client and project.

This guiding principal began with the first project for Hufft, The Line House. It was a true starting line for Co-Founder Matthew Hufft. The commission for the home came from his parents, Dr. Robert and Diane Hufft. As many parents do, they trusted their son immensely, as well as valued his design talent. Directly upon completing undergrad, the Hufft’s approached Matthew with the opportunity. They were selling the childhood home and wanted a more modern aesthetic for this phase of their lives.

Done entirely during ‘moonlighting hours’ and throughout graduate school, the Line House unfolded. Matthew grew up in an architect designed home, and from that, developed a deep appreciation for all the details and craft that goes into a custom home. His mother possesses an incredible eye for style and his father, a talented surgeon with a passion for physics, knows how things go together.

The three-year long process shaped both Matthew and the company we are today. He saw first hand where he came from, and bonded with both his parents on an entirely new level. Professionally, he didn’t have much genuine experience at this point, so he relied on the collective knowledge and talent of the entire team – contractors, craftspeople, sub-consultants, etc. – the genesis of how we work today.

With a finish line nowhere in sight, Hufft has grown into both a commercial and residential practice, with designers, fabricators and builders all on one team performing work on a national scale.

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