Thaden Fieldhouse _ 2018

Adventure Awaits

Bentonville, AR _ 22,000 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design
Photo Credit _ Kevin Moravec

Thaden Fieldhous merges the city’s strong recreational flying community with Northwest Arkansas penchant for backwoods exploring. Meant to be a Gateway to the Ozark Mountains and a hub for backcountry flight the project is a multi-use building containing a Fixed Base Operator, Exhibition Hangar, Cafe, Flight School and Corporate Conference Center. A part of a larger Master Plan to restore the wetlands surrounding Lake Bentonville and increase access to outdoor recreation, the design aims to be a literal gateway between “streetside” public and “airfield side” pilots, explorers and corporate travelers and offers amenities such as kayak and canoe rental and a small backcountry gear retailer. Modeled after Barnstormer era fieldhouses the design is akin to being inside the barn paintings of storied local artist George Dombek.