Mac Properties _ 2017

All About Community

Kansas City, MO _ 9,500 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Build, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Michael Robinson, Jake Farmer

Mac Properties’ approach is unique from other multi-family developers in the sense that they are dedicated to preserving the environment, improving existing infrastructure and enhancing the potential of already-beautiful neighborhoods. Their Kansas City leasing office is no exception with its location on the city’s iconic Armour Boulevard and previous history as an IBM office.

The concept of their leasing office was driven by the intent of fostering community with the building’s residents, and much of the design revolved around connecting the office to the adjoining apartment property. The first floor office space is wrapped in glass to create exterior street level and interior building connections with both the outside community and the building’s residents. The office is playful and sophisticated in its use of color, and is filled with lounge seating and dedicated hospitality areas to make current and potential residents feel comfortable.

Specifically for potential lessees, Mac wanted spaces that could cater to more delicate leasing conversations. After potential lessees enter the space and are greeted by a leasing agent, they’re invited to view rental options at the “property bar” before retreating to a booth or private breakout space to discuss specific details, share personal information and express their rent expectations. These spaces are just as beneficial to current residents, as well – the lounge in particular is available and accessible as an after-hours social space to the building’s apartment dwellers.

Hufft served as as the contractor for this project, and fabricated a large portion of the space, as well. A custom ceiling feature made of wood trim pieces hangs above the Property Bar to help define the space, and further connects the office to the building’s living spaces. Other items designed and fabricated by Hufft include the casework, reception desk, small meeting booths and hoteling stations.