21c Museum Hotel _ 2018

Hotel or Gallery? Let’s Say Both

Kansas City, MO _ 112,530 sqft
Photo Credit _ Michael Robinson

When the founders of 21c Museum Hotels visited the historic Savoy Hotel and Grill in downtown Kansas City, a vision for its revitalization started forming. Like a majority of 21c’s properties, the Savoy Hotel building presented an opportunity to restore a piece of Kansas City history and introduce a venue entirely unique to other offerings in the market.

The renovation of the existing Savoy Hotel, built in 1888, commanded a delicate balance between introducing more modern amenities in line with a contemporary hotel, and honoring the life and story of its historic spaces and elements. Our team worked in collaboration with design architect Deborah Berke Partners to bring a renewed purpose to this Kansas City icon. In places where new design interventions were integrated, the details were purposefully left minimal to allow the historic context to shine, as well as create a simple backdrop for the art installations 21c is known and loved for. The material palette in many of the spaces focuses on bespoke details, rich materials and saturated colors.

The Savoy Hotel has long been a notorious and well-loved piece of Kansas City’s history. The transformation of this historic property into a 21c breathes new life into the building, and begins the next chapter of its enduring history.