Andy's Frozen Custard _ Ongoing

Sweet Design

Various Locations, USA _ Varies sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Matthew Hufft, Jake Farmer, Andrew Fabin, Don Shreve, Bob Linder

When Andy’s Frozen Custard first hired us, they posed the question, “Can a well-designed building attract customers?” We’ve completed more than a dozen projects for Andy’s Frozen Custard, and the answer is a resounding, “Yes.” Whether new construction, renovation or tenant finish, the projects employ a common design language. Deep overhangs. Brilliant arrays of fluorescent and neon lights. Playful gradations of red and white. An emphasis on sustainability. While new Andy’s Frozen Custard locations follow an evolving prototype, each store has a unique design element that ties it back to the community. The entry at Andy’s Joplin uses brick from the high school, that was destroyed by a tornado. The roof of Andy’s Tulsa is clad in reclaimed barnwood whitewashed with bits of actual milk. Andy’s Fayetteville has an extra-large patio for football tailgates. After so many case studies, it’s clear that the architecture and design do make a difference, even in a fast food environment.