Lite House _ 2018

Have Home, Will Travel

_ 1,375 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Build, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Hufft

This project presented a unique challenge: to design a non-site-specific home, flexible enough to occupy any site of the owner’s choosing. This is a residence for a conservationist and active traveler, and was designed with the efficiency of a hiker’s trail pack.

The home’s efficient and compact design offers the owner the flexibility to pick up at a moment’s notice for a week-long camping trip, but can comfortably accommodate friends and family for a larger gathering. The bunk room features two hidden murphy beds and the dining table serves dual-purpose as an extra surface in the kitchen.

The Lite house has the ability to operate completely off-grid. Through solar panels, well water, and a well-placed wood-burning stove, energy dependence could be negligible. More importantly, a sense of peace and warmth define the home’s character, and encourage occupants to unwind and relax in the natural surroundings.