338 Boonville _ 2010

The Pitch Shot

Springfield, MO _ 15,000 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Mike Sinclair

Located in downtown Springfield, Missouri, 338 Boonville is an adaptive reuse project with a LEED Gold certification. Formerly a cabinet shop, the building is now occupied with an office and an adjacent retail space. Existing exterior walls were removed to create a recessed entrance and an opening was created in the existing roof to form an interior courtyard.

The design concept was kicked off from the client’s interest in golf. The sport’s characteristics of serenity, relaxation, and manicured space guided various aspects of the design process. Reclaimed timbers mimic trees surrounding the fairway, colorful chairs stand in as golfers, and patterned glass separates the offices with a motif abstracted from spectators surrounding a green.