Vista House named Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine’s 2018 ‘Home of the Year’

Serving up the Landscape

We’re honored to share that Vista House has been named 2018’s ‘Home of the Year’ by Colorado Homes & Lifestyles.

Built for a growing family, Vista House was designed around the homeowners’ love and appreciation for the outdoors. Nestled in a quiet community with the Rocky Mountains to the west, the home is oriented in a way so that every room has a mountain view.

“The home’s unique position, with prominent views of both the vast plains and soaring mountains beyond, drove the design concept for the home,” said Principal and architect Dan Brown. “The clients desired a home that was modern, but reflected their values of humility and warmth.”

The home’s interior is free of walls and columns to fully capitalize on its picturesque location. Selective carves in the humble form carry daylight deep into the living spaces. With approachable architectural elements, a calm palette, and easy flow between indoor and outdoor living, the home is one designed for enjoying the outdoors from every perspective.

“The clients wanted a home that was connected to the outdoors – a place where they could feel the open space,” Brown shared. “There’s nothing that’s cold or austere about it. It’s functional, inviting.”

SOURCE – Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine