The Roasterie _ 2017

Design Caffeinated

Kansas City, MO _ Varies sqft
Interior Design, Build, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Jake Farmer

We embraced the client’s love for air roasted coffee with his affinity for the golden era of aviation.  The design challenge here was creating a unique identity at each specific location—while maintaining key unifying elements that tells the story of the Roasterie Brand.

The Roasterie wanted to create a true “slow bar” experience for their customers.  We made sure to highlight the theater of coffee making by showcasing the process and instruments.

We kept warm and natural wood and leather tones throughout – along with custom fabricated elements key to each café.  Nodding to the DC-3 airplane that flies over their coffee factory downtown, we worked with our shop to create a rounded aluminum bar front – complete with rivets, made to patina and enrich the space.

Each location had a unique concept that rang true with the local flavor.  The Woodside location has a refined, modern feel synonymous with the area — a DC-3 plane dropped in the clouds, fit with a parabolic grid of lights over tailored lounge seating.  Roasterie at Corrigan Station embraces the industrial vibe of the building its in – exposed conduit imitating the once thick web of streetcar and railroad lines stemming from the Kansas City Crossroads.