Nickel & Suede retail store earns KC Business Journal Capstone Award

We’re excited to announce that Nickel & Suede’s flagship store was named a winner in this year’s Kansas City Business Journal Capstone Awards!

Setting the pace for Nickel & Suede’s retail presence, the new flagship store is a space that feels special yet accessible. Nearly every element of company’s retail store took shape in our fabrication shop. The goal of the store, which is connected to Nickel & Suede’s new headquarters, was to design a retail experience that feels parallel to the brand, according to co-founders Kilee and Soren Nickels.

“We wanted this space to highlight the jewelry, be unique, and emphasize our imagery and values with upscaled taste,” said Kilee. “A space that is simple yet elevating – just like our earrings.”

Merchandise displays and special design features are some of the thoughtfully-designed components of the store. Our shop worked closely with Nickel & Suede to think through displaying and storing product in a way that maintains the refined retail experience, but still functions well for the store team.

“The Nickel & Suede team likes to be directly involved in the fabrication process, and it’s fun to share the actual work it takes to make things with people who also make things – jewelry in this case,” said Hufft shop manager Scott Beattie. “Having one-on-one time with the clients directly in our workshop as the project is taking shape makes the end product that much more special.”

Since their beginning in a basement five years ago, Nickel & Suede’s unique product line and approachable perspective to style has been a major force in the brand’s growth. Congratulations to the Nickels on their award-winning store! Read more about the store here.