Art Barn _ Concept

A Concept of Contrast

New Jersey, USA _ 5,000 sqft

Art Barn was conceptualized as the home for a private art collection. Inspired by the durable and timeless nature of traditional barns, the building is a modern translation of the classic form. Directly influenced by the photography of Gordon Parks, the concept explores contrast in its mix of light and dark. Glass, charred siding and black steel create a dramatic and dark exterior. The interior is raw and light, with concrete floors and a slat ceiling made from white oak.

Form follows function in the simplicity of the gallery space. A custom slide art storage system allows the entire art collection to be stored and viewed simultaneously. The lower level serves as additional gallery space and storage, as well as overflow for private events. The site placement capitalizes on soft northern light, creating an ideal environment for enjoying as well as protecting the work being displayed inside. Full-heights windows connect gallery viewers to the serene and natural surroundings, a stark contrast to the modern building form.