Five Elms Capital _ 2018

Software-Fueled, Culture-Inspired

Kansas City, MO _ 12,000 sqft
Architecture, Interior Design, Build, Fabrication
Photo Credit _ Michael Robinson

Five Elms is a capital investment firm focused on partnering with software companies that have a high regard for culture. To accommodate company growth and better serve an expanding client base, the firm moved its office from Kansas City’s Prairie Village neighborhood to the centrally-located and prominent Country Club Plaza. The design aspired to enhance the traditional idea of a “corner office with a view” by replacing interior walls with frameless glass partitions, carrying the natural light and Plaza views further into the space. With room for growth, the office includes eight private offices, benching stations for up to 24 staff, a mix of large and small conference rooms, and dedicated reception and hospitality space. Nods to an appreciation for nature are evident in the furniture and artwork as well as accent walls featuring woodland scenes. Custom furniture pieces designed and produced by our Fabricate division can be found throughout the office, including large conference room tables and smaller C-shape pull-up tables in various lounge areas. Our team also created a mobile reception desk that, when moved, helps transform the entry lobby into a space for hosting social events.