Inside the Studio

ArchDaily interviews Matthew Hufft to discuss Hufft’s mission, an evolving design industry and adapting to the pandemic

Like every industry, the philosophy, process and practice of architecture has dramatically shifted in response to Covid-19. Earlier this summer, Eric Baldwin from ArchDaily interviews Matthew Hufft to discuss how the Hufft studios, with a mission to create meaning through craft, have pivoted in a time where in-person client meetings have been replaced with Zoom calls, site visits are on hold, and new considerations are shaping the approach to design industry-wide.

When asked specifically about our mission, Matthew described the process of folding custom fabrication in with our full-service architecture and interior design practice.

“We started fabricating some of our work, out of necessity,” Matthew shared. “At the time (a decade ago), we were struggling to find the appropriate fabricators that wanted to focus on modern design. … Now, our fabrication studio is more a tool of enhancement, and most definitely shapes our designs.”

When asked about the transition to remote work in response to the pandemic, Matthew predicts a longer-lasting change to the way we work. “We have gone from the attitude of ‘getting by’ to one of ‘figuring out’ our new normal,” Matthew said. “The 9-5, 40-hour work week is history. We are turning our attention to a model based on clear communication, scope of work, and deadlines.”

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