Living Design

Our favorites from 2019

It’s time for our annual recap, and it’s never easy putting this together. The highlight reel from 2019 was long, but we managed to narrow down our top 10 moments.

A year of Thaden Fieldhouse. The spirit of flight runs deep in Northwest Arkansas, and Thaden Fieldhouse is one of the region’s newest facilities to celebrate that history. The multi-use building was named for Louise Thaden, a pioneer for female pilots whose record-setting career included winning the first Women’s Air Derby, and becoming the first aviatrix to win the Bendix Trophy Race. In the year since it’s opened, we’ve watched Thaden Fieldhouse become a place for the community to take part in the region’s love for aviation and outdoor adventure.

Massive master vanity makes its way to Hi/Lo House. The Hi/Lo House sits along Georgia’s Herb River, and its concept was developed around the rise and fall of the tide. The master closet vanity design was also inspired by Herb River – more specifically, the sun’s reflection on the water. The base cabinet is spaciously proportioned for storage and made of black walnut, sitting on top of powder coated steel legs. A circular mirror floats above the smoked glass top, mimicking the element of reflection.

Dramatic scoops at Shadow Box House. There’s no need for artificial lighting in the Shadow Box House. Dramatic scoops open the walls and roof, distributing light to pockets within the home all day long. The master shower was one of our favorite spots to see the design relationship between light and shadow realized.

BLDWN’s big flex. Our long-standing relationship with the BLDWN brand brought our fabrication crew to Los Angeles earlier this year. A collaboration with the BLDWN team and Montalba Architects, a majority of the new Melrose Place flagship store was detailed, fabricated and installed by our Kansas City shop team.

Gettin’ groovy. As much as we’re able to, we like to experiment in the shop and create something purely for the sake of creating. The Groove Table wasn’t designed for a specific project or client. The idea began with a gift our CNC operator Robby made for his grandmother. Inspired by the playful design Robby used, the table was created as an exploration of traditionally-built side tables. The Groove Table is made entirely from CNC-cut hardwood pieces.

Table for sale(s). This display table is a sort-of centerpiece in Nickel & Suede’s flagship store. Each piece was milled on our CNC. The simple design is a perfect backdrop for the statement pieces on display. A solid and sturdy piece in every sense, the table is solid white oak, with fully-through mortised legs.

Miesian design. BauLinder Haus was completed a few years before 2019, but it snuck its way into this year’s top 10. In February, both BauLinder and the Artery Residence were recognized by Architizer for designs that echo one of our heroes, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. BauLinder Haus’ simple form was conceptualized as a series of stacked boxes, and the home is located just a couple of houses away from a landmark home designed by famed Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer. It was an honor to see two of our projects included alongside other modern homes designed by firms we admire.

Bold brass. The Nickel & Suede headquarters is a careful collection of multiple elements – finished and industrial materials, contrasting structure and subtle reinforcements of the company’s brand. A custom brass rail, fabricated by our shop, is an eye-catching feature in the lobby, displaying swaths of leather from Nickel & Suede’s product line of iconic leather earrings.

Industrial strength. Almost two years after our first design meeting, the Humboldt Fitness Center opened its doors to the rural Kansas town’s community. In a close collaboration with engineers from B&W Trailer Hitches, one of Humboldt’s biggest employers, we mapped out a solution for the industrial fabricator to play a heavy hand in shaping this project. Our goal was to highlight some of the manufacturing techniques B&W specializes in. Fixed diamond-shaped panels, fabricated by B&W, protrude from the east and west facades of the building, changing color as the day progresses and metal patina matures.

Coming soon … A peek inside one of our projects that wrapped at the end of 2019. BlakeSt. is a new wellness club in Bentonville and was inspired by the home of Thomas Taylor Blake, an iconic 19th-century figure in Bentonville’s history. The blue Paola Pivi bear was lovingly named Ozzy by the club’s members. We can’t wait to share more of this project very soon.